How to ask about time in Nepali ?


Hi guys, are you following me so far ?

If you want to ask something related to time then this section will guide you through.


[Note : In the following sections the bold part is in English and the normal part is in Nepali]

What time is it ?

kati Bajyo ?


It is two o'clock.

dui bajyo.


I will go today / tomorrow / now.

Ma aaja / bholi / aahile janchu.

I = ma ; today= aaja ; tomorrow = bholi; go = janchu


I will stay for one day / one week.

Ma ek din / ek hapta baschu.

one day = ek din ; one week = ek hapta


Can we get bread early in the morning ?

roti saberai paincha ?

bread = roti ; For other food related Nepali words visit my Words related to food page.

early morning = saberai


What day is today ?

aaja kun baar ho ?

today = aaja , what = kun, day = baar


Today is Monday.

Aaja sombaar ho .


Tomorrow or the next day.

bholi parsi.

Tomorrow= bholi, the next day = parsi


When are you going ?

Kahile jane ?






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