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The dwelling places of the gods, temples inspried the very finest talents Newari artists had to pagoda temple, nepal templegive. The classic Hindu temple or Mandir is a miniature encapsulation of the universal order built on the geometric design of a mandala, with the four directions symmetrically balanced and the deity residing the exact center.

One visit to temple is seldom enough, and the greatest are the inexhaustible treasuries you can never see too many times. Each return visit reveals more unnoticed details hidden away in corners, fine touches that you can't appreciate the first or second time.

Types of Temples:

Pagoda Temples : Pagoda is a mandala in three-dimensional form, its square base sheltering the garbha griha or "womb house" of the deity inside. Every inch is a vehicle for gods, with art, myth, and religion lavished in an all-out display of talent.

Pagodas are masterpieces of majesty and balance, reaching up to the heavens like mountain peaks connecting earth and sky.

krishna mandir, shikara temple, Krishna mandir bhaktapurShikara : Shikara means "mountain peak", and this soaring stone or brick temple is designed to replicate the towering peaks of the Himalaya. This form was introduced into Nepal from Northern India in 14th Century. The finest example of Shikara is Krishna mandir or patan.

Stupa and Chaitya : Exclusively Buddhist monuments, stupa are hemispherical half-domes, sanctified by sacred relics enshrined inside. The whitewashed dome of the stupa is topped with a 13 story glided spire culminating in a filagreed pinnacle, symbolizing the stages to enlightment.


Bahal : These sprawling multistoried residential strucutres set around a central courtyard are scattered through the main cities of the Valley, lending their names to many neighborhoods, including Thamel. The Bahal (also called vihara) began in the 7th century as a monstery for Buddhist monks and a center of religious learning and art.

Popular Temples in Nepal:

1) Pashupatinath Temple

2) Changunarayan Temple

3) Manakamana Temple

4) Gokarneshwor Mahadev

5) Muktinath

6) Swayambhunath

7) Bouddhanath

8) Palachowk Bhagwati

9) Naxal Bhagwati

10) Halesi Mahadev


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