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Fewa Lake of Nepal is located in Pokhara Valley. Placid except for occasional spring windstorms, Phewa Tal (nepali name for Lake) is an idyllic playground.

Fewa Lake covers area of about 4.43 km2 (1.7 sq mi) with an average depth of about 8.6 m (28 ft).

It is the second largest lake in Nepal after Rara Lake in Mugu disrict of Nepal.

You can rent the brightly painted wooden rawboats around Lakeside on hourly basis and for the whole day also. Several hotels around Fewa Lake have their own boats. Sailboats are also available but usually there is not enough wind.


Fewa lake, phewa Lake

Credit : aannda

fewa lake

Credit : Sanam

Varahi Temple

A boat gives you access to Varahi temple set on a small island near Lakeside. On Saturdays, colorful boatloads of Nepalis paddle here to perform puja and animal sacrifices. Secluded coves on the forested opposite shore make shady hideaways (they're not secluded enough to skinny dip, though).

Taking sun bath or lazing in the sun is the best idea. I would recommend you bringing drinking water, sunscreen, a picnic lunch, and a good book. You would get the splendid mountain view, when the still water reflect the peaks, creating a double range. The lake is neither deep or particularly clean but the water's warm and swimming is pleasant if you don't think about the probable pollution.

barahi temple

Barahi temple, Pokahra.


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