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Bindhyabasini temple/ Mandir is the only temple of note which lies in the center of Pokhara City.

Bindhyabasini Temple's shady hilltop location is more interesting than its several shrines, none of notable design or antiquity.

The original temple was destroyed in 1949 fire, which started from a fire offereing run amok.

Dedicated God Of Bindhyabasini Temple:

The main temple which is of while plaster is dedicated to a form of the Goddess Bhagwati. Goddess Bhagwati is Pokhara's Guardian deity, also known as Shakti or Kali and many manifestations. Bhagwati is also known as a blood-thirsty aspect of the goddess.

Worshippers flock here to perform sacrifices, and especially on Saturdays the parklike grounds take on a festive air.


How to Reach Bindhyabasini Temple :

Bindhyabasini Temple is in between Pokhara Baglung Highway and the Ram Krishna Tole Road. It is located near the Prithvi Narayan College in Pokhara. From Mahendra pool, Pokhara it would take around 20-30 minutes to reach depending on traffic. A google image below will give the better idea about the location.

bindhyabasini temple location

Pictures of Bindhyabasini Temple :

bindhyabasni temple

The main building of the temple.


bindhyabasini temple

A stone paved way to Bindhyabasini from the main road.


Bindhyabasini temple

The main Temple of Bindhyabasini. Credit puneye




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