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Welcome to the Nepali language Tutorial session.

In this session, we will learn how to do conversation with the porters.

If you are the begineer you may want to check the Nepali Language page. If you are just interested in talking to the porters, this section is for you.

The italicized sentences are Nepali sentences and the regular ones is in English.

I am goint to Namche Bazaar. Namche bazaar jane.

I will need porters for one week. Ek haptaa-ko lagi kulli chahincha.

I will need fiver porters for two days. Dui din samma paach kulli chahincha.

How much per day ? Nepali din-ko kati ?

with food ? Khaana khayera ?

without food ? khana nakhayara ?

15 rupees without food is enough. Pandra rupiyaa khana nakhayara pugcha.

For returning, ten rupees per day is enough. Pharkinda din ko das rupiah pugcha.

Without load. Bhaari chaina.

With load. Bhaari chha.

After one week. Ek hapta pachi.

Do you have warm clothes ? Nyano luga cha ?

Do you have a carrying basket ? Doko Chha ?

Please show me your warm clothes tomorrow. Malai nyano luga bholi dekhaunuhos.

Go quickly. Chito jane.

Go slowly. Bistarai jane.

Walk near me. Ma sanga jane.

We will stop now. Aaahile basne.

We will stop here. Yahan basne.

Please ask where to stay. Kahan basne sodhnuhos.

Please ask about food. Khanako barema sodhnuhos.

We need firewood. Hamilai daaura chaincha.

Please cook food. Khana pakaunuhoos.

Tea: Chiya

Bread : roti

Are you hungry ? : Bhok lageko cha ?

Do you want to rest ? : Bisaune ki ?

Please give it back after using it . Kaam sakepachi phirta dinuhos.

Can you take me to Namche ? Malai namche ma lanu huncha ?

We'll meet you at Nagdaada in two hours. Hami nagDaada ma dui ghanta ma bhetne.



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