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Asking at the House

Can I get food here ?      Yahaan khana paincha ?

Biscuits ?         Biscoot

Tea ?        chiyaa

Please cook rice and lentils for me.     Daal bhat pakaunuhos.

Please do not make it too spicy.   Dherai piro nabanaunuhos.

Spicy = piro ; too = dherai

I will eat later.      Paachi khane.

I will eat in two hours.    Dui ghantaa pachi khane.

Please make the tea without milk.   Chiya ma dudh nahalnuhos.

Sugar.       Chini

Milk       Dudh

Tea     chiya

Please cook potatoes for me.       Mero lagi aalu pakaunuhos.

During the Meal:
Please give me more rice.     Bhaat dinuhos.

Vegetables        tarkaari

Please give me another cup of tea.    Arko ek kap chiyaa dinus.

Another = arko   cup= kap

Give me only a little.    Ali ali dinus.

It is tasty.     Mitho chha.

That is enough.  Pugyo.


Buying Food to carry with you :
Can I buy flour ?    Pitho kinna paincha ?

Bread ?    roti / pauroti

Uncooked rice ?    chamal

Please give me five manaas of flour.  Paach maana pitho dinus.

Manaa = unit of weight commonly used.

Please give me matchstick.   Malai salai dinuhos.


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