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Thank you for your interest in Nepali Language.

On our previous page we learned about basic words in Nepali language. Hope you learned soemthing from that section.

If you happened to land on this page at first, you may want to visit my Language Home page to get more basic information.

Ok, In this section, I would be teaching you how to do conversations in Nepali.

I have even broke down the conversation parts to several sub divisions, so that it would be easier for you to follow.

Conversations with Porters:

If you are coming to Nepal for trekking or mountaineering purposes, you may need to do conversation with porters quite often. So this section would be extremely helpful to you.

Asking people where to go so that you wouldn't get lost:

This is 21st century and sometimes you may want to arrange your travel alone. Often times, you may get lost on your way and you would have to ask to the local people about the way where you are heading to. This section would cover all those conversation stuffs. I hope you would love it.

Finding a place to eat or Stay :

A tour or travel is worth visiting when you go out to explore on your own. Nepali typical food is what you might be interested in or other dishes. In this section you would find the conversation related to how to find a place or eat food.

Conversation During the Meal :

You may want to talk with somebody while eating. You may want to appreciate the taste or some other things. In this section, you would be able to find the information about how to talk during the meal.

Conversation while paying or During Shopping:

Many a times you go to shopping and you would like to do some bargaining because in Nepal you can bargain legally. The more you bargain, the cheaper you would get. So, go a head and check this section to find out how to bargain or pay money while shopping.

Getting someone's Attention :

Sometimes, you would like to call people whom you don't know. You have to get their attention but you don't know how. Here you would get all the information necessary to do so.

Begging Children Conversation:

This will be a very common scenario when you go to Nepal. There are lot of begging children and you have to deal with them very carefully. If there are one or two then you may want to give some money as well but if there are lot of them, you really need to behave smart. Go and check out this section, how to deal with the begging children in Nepali.

Nepali Conversation about Time :

Time is a very important factor during your travel in Nepal or whatever you do. Sometime you may not have watch with you or you want to asking something about data. So, to know everything about time go a head and check this section.

Emergency Conversation:

Sometimes you may get sick or ill. There may not be somebody who knows English. Expression may be a little help but language is a great great help. So, just go a head and check out this section to know about what to do when you are in Emergency condition.


I hope you would like my presentation. Please do give your feedback or comments. Please send your feedback to







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