Trekking in Nepal



What is trekking ?

"Trekking" an old English word meaning a long journey on foot, has been adopted by the Nepalese Language. It consists of making of journey on foot over the moutain paths, lasting anything from several days to several weeks, and taking you enough supplies and equipment to be completely independent.

Trekking is the most appreciated adventure activities by the tourists who come to Nepal. Nepal is a trekker's paradise. More than 85% of the total population live in rural areas. Although transport and communications have brought about great changes in the lives of the people, many still live a simple rural life. People have started interpreting Nepal as synonymous to the trekking country. To trek simply means to walk. In Nepal if you want to witness the unique culture of the people in the HImalayas and enjoy the exotic landscapes, then trekking is the perfect activity for you. One need not be a mountaineer or experienced walker to trek in different parts of the country.

In my point of view trekking is the best way to experience the marvellous amalgamation of fantastic natural beauty and rich culture which is unbeatable.

Who goes trekking ?

The followers of this sport belong to wide and varied range: from the nomadic student to the rich industrialist or to the elderly but spirited lady; from the solitary hiker to the one who can only travel under the cover of a large group. Each year trekking finds new followers. At the beginning of the 1960's, a few dozen hikers came to Nepal each year; in 1966, 5-6% of the tourist went trekking; in 1980 this figure had risen to nearly 16%, which makes with the growth of toursim, more and more hikers, are coming to Nepal for trekking.



Difference Between Trekking and Rock Climbing

I would like to first make it clear that Trekking is totally different from rock Climbing and Mountaineering. You do not need special skills to do Trekking. If you are somebody who have a desire to go to Mount Everest, but you don't have the special skills required for Mountain Expedition, still you can get closer to Mount Everest by doing trekking. Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the most popular Trekking destinations in Nepal.

Currently, in Nepal, two kinds of trekking are popular- Tea house or Lodge trekking and Tent Trekking.


trekking nepal


What is Tea House Trekking ?

Teahouse trekking is guided walking and very popular in the well-developed tourist regions including Annapurna, Everest and Langtang – Helambu, where western cuisine as well Nepalese food (Dalbhat) is available. Overnight accommodation is in good, clean guest houses, lodges and hotels.It is the most common style, while decent lodges in every settlement( and between), it is possible to trek in comfort with minimal preparation, equipment and support.



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