History of Nepal

One can probably say that Nepal is as old as the Himalayas, when a great lake filled the Kathmandu Valley. One legend holds that this lake was drained by a thunderbolt thrown against the walls of the Valley by the Hindu god Krishna. Another claims it was drained by the patriarch Manjushri as he wanted to get a closer look at a Swayambhu or Adhi-buddha, the beautiful lotus flower resting on the lake.

The Chronology of Nepalese History :

About the tenth century B.C : Neolithic tools from Ramechap

About the eighth century B.C : Shepherd Kings in Kathmandu

About the seventh century B.C : Probable establishment of the Kirantis in the valley of Kathmandu; beginning of their dynasty.

544-464 B.C = Buddha (born in Nepal).

250 B.C : Visit of the Emperor Ashoka; probable foundation of Patan

Second to ninth century A.D. : Lichavi dynasty, and the birth of Nepalese art.

463-505 A.D : Reign of Manadeva

588-621: 'De facto' reign of Amshuvarma

Ninth to eleventh centuries: Thakuris dynasty.

About 1200: Beginning of the Malla dynasty.

1260-1300: Arniko spreads Nepalese art to Tibet and China.

1349: Devastating Moslem raid into the valley of Kathmandu.

1400: Codification of the caste system in Nepal

1482: The Kingdom is divided into four by Yaksha Malla.

1618-1661: Reign of Siddhi Narsing (Patan).

1641-1674: Reign of Pratap Malla (Kathmandu).

1696-1722: Reign of Bhupatindra Malla (Bhadgaon).

1768: Unification of Nepal by Prithvi Narayan, King of Gorkha, and beginning of Shah dynasty.

1792: War with Tibet; Treaty of Nawakot with China; English mission in Kathmandu

1815: Anglo-Nepalese war; Treaty of Sugauli.

1806-1837: Prime minister Bhimsen Thapa

1846: Jang Bahadur establishes the full power of the Ranas (Prime Ministers).

1850: First visit of a Nepalese statesman, Jang Bahadur, to England and France.

1854: War with Tibet

1901-1928: Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher.

1934: Powerful earthquake; many temples are damaged.

1949: Nepal begins to open its frontiers to foreigners.

1951: King Tribhuvan puts an end to the Rana dictatorship.

1955-1972: Reign of King Mahendra.

1972: King Birendra accedes to the throne.

February 1975: Coronation of King Birendra.


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