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There are several ways that you can enter Nepal. 

1) By Air : Nepal has only one International Airport, Tribhuvan International Airport. If you plan to come by air, you should buy the ticket from your location to TIA, Nepal. There are several airlines that have started operating scheduled flights to Nepal. The airlines that come to Nepal are :




Royal Nepal Airlines (RA)


Thai Airways (TG)


Indian Airlines (IC)


Singapore Airlines (SQ)


Biman Banglasesh Airlines (BG)


Aeroflot Russina Airlines (SU)


Bhutan Durk Air (KB)


China Southwest Airlines (SZ)


Qatar Airlines (Q7)


Pakistan International Airlines (PK)

Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific








Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has direct airlink with Osaka, Shanghai, London, Frankfurt, Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Dubai, Bombay and Calcutta. Lufthansa, Royal Nepal Airlines (RNAC), Air India, Singapore Airlines, Thai are the airlines that carry most of the foreign travelers into Kathmandu; and if you buy tickets from any other airlines, you will probably connect with one of these airlines for the final leg of your flight.

Flights to kathmandu

How much does it cost to go Nepal from Air ?
Here, I have posted the rough estimate of  the airfare to Kathmandu from various parts of the Worlds. These may not be the exact numbers. Airfares to Nepal may vary from season to season as well.

To Nepal from
















2) By road :  There are several other entry points in Nepal other to airport and these are the border between India and Nepal. They are tabulated below.

Entry and Exit Points in Nepal 

1. TIA, Kathmandu
2. Kakarvitta, Jhapa
3. Birganj, Parsa
4. Kodari, Sindhupalchowk
5. Belahia, Bhairahawa
6. Jamnuaha, Nepalgunj

7. Mohana, Dhangadhi
8. Gaddachauki, Mahendranagar

There are three main entry points from Nepal that would be easier for Tourists to enter in Nepal. They are Sunauli-Bhairawa, Birganj-Raxaul and Kakarbhitta-Silguri.

The most popular overland crossing is the Delhi-Kathmandu route via Sunauli. ON this route you could visit Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha and you can stop by to the most beautiful city of Nepal, Pokhara. Take the Delhi-Lucknow-Gorakhpur train (about 16 hours) and a one-hour bus ride to the border at Sunauli. After the formalities on the border, the route passes through Terai and the town of Narayangarh on The Trishuli River to Mugling. After that you would reach to Kathmandu in 4-5 hours minimum and it may take more depending on the traffic in Highway. 

The Raxaul route up the Tribhuvan Rajpath,  original India-Kathmandu Highway, is more direct (200km), heading straight north, but it's a slower journey as the road heads straight over the mountains. If you are somebody who likes mountain biking then it would be awesome for you because of the environment as well as the lesser traffic.

Enter Nepal From Tibet :

It takes normally 3 days from Lhasa to Kathmandu is a rugged but spectacular trip which will take you through an incredible range of terrain, from high-altitude frozen plateau down to lush Nepali farmland.

The crossing between Nepal and Tibet via Kodari is only open to organised groups but not to individual travellers heading north. In the north there is possibility of landslides during the monsoon so you should have alternate plan if you are planning to use this route. This one wouldn't be that easy.

What you need to have  when you come to Nepal ?

Regardless of whether you arrive in Nepal by land or by air, you will be required to provide information relating the length of your stay and your passport details. These must be filled on a disembarkation card before leaving the airport. Should you wish to travel to India, some form of identification will be necessary to enter - a visa is not an acceptable form of identification. Immigration is relatively simple and there are two counters available for the curious tourist. The first is for those who have valid visas ready for entry into Nepal on arrival; the second is for those who still require visas. A single entry visa for tourists will allow you 60 days within the country and will cost about $30 US dollars. However, should you wish to extend your stay, you will be obligated to visit the Central Immigration Office. All in all, Tribhuvan International Airport will be your gateway into the amazing world that belongs to the Nepalese people.








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