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In Nepal, people address each other using kinship terms whether they are related or not. Rather than grunting or shouting "hey you", there are some more pleasant ways of attracting people's attention. Listen and you will hear Nepalis using these terms all the time.


First tip: If you are addressing a person by name, it is very polite to add the suffix -ji to the name.

Suppose you are talking some Nepali guy name Ram then you would like to use "Ramji" when addressing him. This is the polite way giving respect to the other people.


When in doubt as to whether the person you address is younger or older than you, follow the below:


To get the attention of man Hajur ( this means yes sir and I didn't hear you)


a man a little older than you O dai or daaju.

a woman little older than you O didi.

A man old enough to be your father. O baje, O baabu

A woman old enough to be your mother. O aamai

A woman or girl younger than you. O bahini

A man or boy younger than you. O Bhaai.


Once you have got their attention, then you can start doing conversation starting with "Namaste" or more politely "Namaskar".


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