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The main intension of this website is to give you more and more information and make your experience in Nepal a better one. A tour will be even more interesting and exciting when you are able to communicate better with the local people.

In this section, I have tried to present information that will help you to find a place to eat or stay when you don't have assistance of other people.

Shall we begin? Ok I am starting with your approval.


Where can I get food ?               Khanaa kahan painchha ?

There.                                     Tyehaa.

Here.                                      Yahaa.

What type of food can I get ?     Khane kura ke ke pauchha ?

Please sit down.                        Basnus . (You can add please also)

Everybody would understand please and thankyou.

Can I get food in Namche ?          Namchema khana painchha ?

Can I get momo here ?                  Yahan momo paucha ?


[Momo is a very popular food of Nepal. It is similar to wanton. Meat is wrapped by flour and steamed).

You cannot stay.                         Basna paaindaaina.

Please rest.                                Aaram garnus.

[rest = aaram]

May be camp here ?                     Yahan hami camp garna hunchha ?

Where is the toilet ?       Charpi (you can use toilet also) kahan chha ?


Store ?                                     pasal

May I stay in your house ?          Tapaaiko ghar ma basna paainchha ?

Can I stay here ?                       Yahan basna paainchha ?



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