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Capital of Nepal : Kathmandu

Official Language Spoken : Nepali

Highest Peak : Nepal is a country of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. THere are altogether 8 mountains which have the height more than 8km. They are as follows :

Mt.Everest-8848 m,

Mt.kanchenjunga-8586 m


Mt.Makalu-8463 m

Mt.choyyou-8201 m

Dhaulagiri-8167 m



Geographical Information : Here I have tried to give you some information about Nepal's geography.

Geographic coordinates: 28 00 N, 84 00 E

Location:  Southern Asia, between China and India

Map references:      Asia

Area:  Total: 147,181 sq km Land: 143,181 sq km 

Water:  4,000 sq km

Area - comparative: slightly larger than Arkansas

Land boundaries:     total: 2,926 km

Border countries:     China 1,236 km, India 1,690 km

Coastline:                0 km (landlocked)

Maritime claims:      none (landlocked)

Elevation extremes:  lowest point: Kanchan Kalan 70 m
highest point: Mount Everest 8,848 m 

Population of Nepal :   8,901,790 (July 2007 est.)


Time difference:        UTC+5.75 (10.75 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Administrative divisions: 14 zones (anchal, singular and plural); Bagmati, Bheri, Dhawalagiri,Gandaki, Janakpur, Karnali, Kosi, Lumbini, Mahakali, Mechi, Narayani, Rapti, Sagarmatha, Seti

National Anthem: "Sayau Ful ka thunga hami aautai mala Nepali"

National Motto: "The Motherland Is Worth More than the Kingdom of Heaven."

National Bird: Danphe

National Flower:  Rhododendron 'guras' in Nepali

National Calendar: The Nepali year begins in mid-April and is divided into 12 months: Baisakh, Jestha, Asadh, Shrawan, Bhadra, Aswin, Kartik, Marga, Poush, Phalgun, Chaitra. Saturday is the official weekly holiday.

National Animal : Cow . Cow is the symbol of fertility and prosperity and the giver of the "five gifts" : milk , youhurt, ghee (clarified butter), dung and urine. Worship and protection of cows is an anciet Hindu tradition.

Kumari : The Living Goddess in Nepal. 






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