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Nagarkot, one of the most popular resort destinations in Nepal is a “DO NOT MISS DESTINATION” where you can ponder in the natural beauty with the spectacular sunrise view of mountains.

 Nagarkot is situated 30 km east of Kathmandu Valley and just a couple of hours away from Kathmandu. It is a best spot to view Mount Everest along with the Mountain Range, stretching from Dhaulagiri in the west and Kanchenjunga all the way to the east. The view would be even more beautiful and exciting if you visit in spring when surrounding valleys break out in a rich kaleidoscope of different colored flowers.


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A view from Nagarkot :The range of snow-capped mountains on the background.


Why is Nagarkot really nice?

Most of the people coming up here for the views simply park themselves on a terrace or prop themselves up in bed at dawn. However, if you want an even better view than the one from your lodge, hike an hour from Nagarkot to the viewing tower that can be seen to the south. From this tower, you can even see Mount Everest, which isn't visible from the lodges at Nagarkot. You should be lucky to have a good view of Everest.
You could explore a little bit of trekking as well although the top activity there is sitting back and gazing the snow-covered peaks.

One of the best reasons to go to Nagarkot is the array of interesting options for downhill return walks. The possible hiking destinations may be Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Changu Narayan and Vajra Yogini. Sankhu is about four hours away. Now the road has been opened from Nagarkot to Sankhu. When you are Near Sankhu, you can circle around the town of Vajra Yogini temple.

The hilltop temple of Changu Narayan is about two hours down a prominent ridge jutting into the Valley, as easy a trek as you could ask for in Nepal. Just in case you get down late in Changu Narayan, there are decent looking lodge and restaurants.

Getting to Nagarkot:

Public buses run between Bhaktapur and Nagarkot throughout the day. Public buses are available from Kathmandu city as well. A one-way taxi from Kathmandu would be around Rs 300-350.


Map of Nagarkot :

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