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I know Nepali is little bit difficult to learn when you are just starting. But I have created several sections to help you better understand and use it during your stay in Nepal.

If you are the begineer you may want to check the Nepali Language page. If you are just interested in talking to the porters, this section is for you.

In this session, we will learn how to ask directions in Nepali.
Ok, here I present some conversation how you ask directions.


Does this road go to Namche Bazaar ? 

Yo namche bazaar jane bato ho ?

How many hours to reach Namche ?

Namche bazar samma kati ghanta lagcha ?

It will take one hour. Ek ghanta lagcha.

Is there an inn in Namche ? Namche ma basne thau cha ?

Can we get food in Namche ? Namche ma khaana paucha ?


[Note : Are you wondering what the heck is Namche ?:d Namche is a place high in the Himalayas and it comes on the way when you are trekking for Everest base camp.]

Is the trail good enough or not ? Baato ma hidna sakincha ki sakidaina ?

Impossible. Cannot be done. Sakidaaina.

Where are you going ? Kahna jana lageko ?

Can I come with you ? sangai jane ?

What is the name of this town ? Yo gaau ko naam ke ho ?

What is the name of the next town on the trail ? Yo bato ma kun gaau parcha ?

Where is a weekly market ? Haat bazaar kahaa cha ?

What is your caste (ethnic group) ? Tapai ko jaat ke ho ?

Is the trail going left or right ? Bato baya jancha ki dayaa ?

bayaa = left; dayaa = right

I am going to Jomsoom. Ma Jomsom jane

Is the trail very uphill ? Bato dherai ukalo chha ?

Very downhill ? Oraalo ?

level ? Terso or samthal ?

terso = steep; samthal = plain

I must rest here all day tomorrow. 

Bholi ma din bhari yahan aaram garnu parcha.

Let's rest. Aaram garau.

I have to urinate. Pishaab garnu cha.


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