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Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal AirportTribhuvan International Airport is the only International Airport of Nepal. Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) situated 5.56 km east of Kathmandu city is in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley. Unlike most airports, it is still regarded as being relatively small. It covers an area of 10,240 meters square. However, this does make it practically impossible for one to lose their way in the airport and the structure is a visible landmark from anywhere inside Kathmandu valley.

Unlike most airports, it is still regarded as being relatively small. It covers an area of 10,240 meters square. However, this does make it practically impossible for one to lose their way in the airport and the structure is a visible landmark from anywhere inside Kathmandu valley. It was officially inaugurated in February 1990 by his Majesty King Birenda. Since then, 90% of all flights now take place from the new terminal, helping the airport to live up to the title “Gateway of Nepal”.


Latitude : 27.699905 Longitude : 85.35657

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Airport Facilities :

I will briefly write what are the facilites available in the Airport. 

- Restaurant
- Public Phone
- Clinic For emergency Use
- Duty free Shop
- Money Exchange (available)
- Hotel Counter
- Confectionary Store

Current Tribhuvan International Airport Weather :

Tribhuvan International Airport Map :

Nepal PassPort/ Visa

Passport is required for all the countries. The Valid Passport for a minimum of six months is required by all the nationals. If the government or any other government official ask for that then you should be able to show it to them.


Visa :
Visa is Required by all the countries except India to enter Nepal. Visitors from India do not require visa, but it is necessary to produce a valid document of identification at the port of entry. Visa is not required to transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft on the same day provided holding valid onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport.

Important Information about Visa Note :
All the passengers or travelers would be given the arrival visa except for the people of following countries.

1) Nigeria       
2) Ghana
3) Zimbabwe
4) Swaziland
5) Cameroon
6) Somalia
7) Liberia
8) Ethiopia
9) Iraq
10) Palestine
11)  Afghanistan.

Note: If you are somebody from the above mentioned list and are planning to visit Nepal please take a visa prior to visiting Nepal. Please contact to the embassy to check visa requirements.
Want to apply Nepal visa Online ? Check out this website.

Airport Tax

Passengers departing the Country from Tribhuvan International Airport are required to pay an airport tax of Rs 770 if you are going to SAARC countries. The countries that are included in SAARC countries are India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Srilanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Afganistan. For all the other international departure, the airport tax is Rs 1130 and for domestic it is Rs 169.50.

Arrival on Tribhuvan International Airport Immigration

After you arrive on the Tribhuvan INternational airport, Nepal, then the first thing you need to do is go to the immigration. There are two counters for the tourists at the immigration hall. One is for those arriving with valid visa for Nepal and the other one is for tourists who require visa. You can get one of these visas.
Multiple entry: £20 (15 days), £35 (30 days), £75 (for 90 days).
A single entry tourist visa for 60 days is issued by the airport immigration authority for a fee of US $30. IF you want to renew or extend the visa, then you need to go to Central Immigration Office at Exhibition Road. To know more about the Immigration please go to this official website of Nepalese Government.

US embassy, Nepal

Validity of Visa : Visas are valid for up to six months from date of issue. Visas are valid for 60 days on first visit to Nepal in a visa year (1 January - 31 December), but only valid for 30 days when national is visiting Nepal for the second or more time in a visa year. In one calender year, you can stay in Nepal for just 150days. For further details, click here.

Disembarkation Card : 
 When you reach the Airport, you are required to fill up the disembarkation card when you are required to give the passport details and planned length of stay. Normally, this disembarkation form is provided to you on the plane connecting to Nepal and  If you didn't receive the form on the aircraft, you can get the form on the Immigration in the airport. Make sure you fill out the form on which it is written "For Foreigners" if you are foreigner.

After you fill out and submit the entry form then you can proceed to the Baggage claim. Since it is not a very big airport, it is very hard to get lost. After you come out of the baggage claim you can see the taxis (cab) in a queqe on the road. 

From Airport to Hotel in Kathmandu:-

After you are done with all the formalities in the airport and taking your baggage you will come out of airport. When you come out of the gate of Airport, you can see the taxis lined up. It is completely safe to take a taxi in the airport and go to the destination or your Hotel. If you decide to take the public transportation from the Airport, then its a 5 minute walk from the Airport. After you come out of Airport Building you will see the road going towards one gate ( gate built on Airport to welcome the visitors). I would suggest you take taxi at first because you would get a hard time finding which bus would go to your destination. I am very sorry to inform that unlike in US or any other countries you don't have the exact timing of the public vehicles. 

If you are someone who hasn't booked the hotel prior to visit, then you should decide what type of Hotel you are looking for. There are some good Hotels  in close proximity of Airport. If you want to make your travel more luxurious and memorable for a lifetime you would like to choose the start Hotels. Most of the big star Hotels are around Durbar Marg (King's Way) in Kathmandu. It will take around 40 minutes when there is no traffic, it may take upto 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes if you happen to be traveling on high traffic. 

If you need additional information about airport or details about Nepal, please write to me. To write to me click here.

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